Photography is one of the many artistic mediums people learn to express their creative skills. I discovered this on my 10th birthday when I received from my mum her very own  first camera.

It was vintage even for the time but I loved that camera. It stayed with me for some good years until an accident happened: boys will be boys and eventually I lost it. My mum’s first camera…I was devastated.

My uncle, a wedding photographer at the time, took me under his wing. Not only did he give me a lot of advice on how to use a camera (film camera – we’re talking about ancient time here!) he also offered me one of his favorite old cameras, a middle format Twin Lens Mamiya…that I still use today.

Born in Paris, I moved to Ireland in my 20’s. While I did my fair share of travelling – they called it gap years – I never really left Ireland. I’m a true lover of this teddy bear country, a paradise not only for landscape photography but for kitesurfing, my other hobby when I’m not behind a camera.

In 2009, I gave up my job and set off to travel and photograph my humble vision of the world for a year. I covered many photography projects in different countries but fell especially for two countries, Nepal and Japan. I loved them so much that in 2012 I hit the road again.

Back in Ireland since 2013, I have worked for many clients, law firms, local organisations, cultural and historical projects and the Irish Green Party. I also set up my own little photography venture specialising in Portrait, Weddings and Vintage style Hen Parties.

Enough about me now, its time to tell me your story ?

Are you planning a wedding, a vintage photoshoot, a portait session…a gap year in Asia(!) Lets spend some time together, let’s discuss about your project, let’s take shoot some great stuff together. I’m all yours.

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