One of the fascinating things about photography is that swift impression of ownership. What is being seen, what is being framed is part of our own world for that one instant, the speed of the shutter release –  “snap!” …an information, an image, a feeling, some patterns, some shades of light all captured together by some esoterico-superchips technology.

There is a personal pleasure, don’t call it a pride(!), to see, scan, observe and seize something that catch your attention, the reflection of a light, the colour of the moon, these blinking traffic lights, some interesting silhouettes, a hazy roofline, the perspective of a crooked building, some architectural repetition offering intriguing forms and tensions, you name it…

Then you ask yourself, am I the only one to see that, am I the first human being ever to observe that wonder of the world. Has Unesco rated and protected it? You go far, believe me….you’re in awe! – “Wooooow this is mental”

 …and then, at the same pace you came to that state, you shift to the other extreme and pondering if you didn’t get too excited on something rather dull and meaningless. – “Boooooh I’m hopeless “

 There is a risk to get trapped in some kind of ecstatic state where everything you look at seems eerie and powerful. And that’s exactly when photography becomes magical. You find yourself mesmerised by some simple events. How would that look once displayed on someone’s else screen? You can’t tell! -All you know at that very moment is what you are squinting at in your viewfinder feels intimately special.

And in the back of your head you know… you know that no matter what, you can always justify any eccentricities. What you do is…Art! Thanks god Mr Art, your guardian angel, is always there for you to cover your ass should anyone look down on your work!

I love you Mr Art – Remember to call him out next time you’re getting sloppy.

– And on that, here are some few shots reflecting these thoughts.  Don’t call it art though;)


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